Sunday, September 12, 2010


I continue to press on, by the end of the day I was taking an entire ounce of milk from my bottle and an additional 10ccs through my tube. Even though I probably could have taken the entire 40ccs from the bottle the doctor wants to pace me and make sure that I enjoy taking a bottle so the 10ccs through the tube are given to me right after I finish my bottle and it does not have any thickener or added calories. The doctor did add additional calories to the milk in my bottle along with the thickener, have I told you I love milkshakes? As you can see by the picture I have clothes on again today, which Mom loved, so today has been a red letter day and I really am on my way home.


  1. Love the photo! He has the look, "What's the big deal? I know I look good!! Eat your heart out!!"

  2. I began following this blog when I was pregnant. I keep checking back to see how Maxwell is but see no updates. I am afraid to ask but I would like to know. I hope his family is just so busy loving him at home that they don't have time to write anymore. I hope you are well little Maxwell!