Sunday, September 12, 2010


I continue to press on, by the end of the day I was taking an entire ounce of milk from my bottle and an additional 10ccs through my tube. Even though I probably could have taken the entire 40ccs from the bottle the doctor wants to pace me and make sure that I enjoy taking a bottle so the 10ccs through the tube are given to me right after I finish my bottle and it does not have any thickener or added calories. The doctor did add additional calories to the milk in my bottle along with the thickener, have I told you I love milkshakes? As you can see by the picture I have clothes on again today, which Mom loved, so today has been a red letter day and I really am on my way home.


I got to eat real food from a bottle! Milk is still the best thing I have ever tasted! Because of my throat I still prefer my milk thick so the feeding therapist said I could have my milkshakes back. For today the doctor just wanted me have thickened milk, 20ccs at a time, tomorrow he will add additional calories and increase the amount of milk I can have at each feeding. The doctor is slowly reintroducing milk because he does not want me to pop any stitches and he wants me to really enjoy eating! I do not need pain medication anymore, if I do hurt I can have Tylenol and I still cannot tell you what hurts worse, but honestly it may be the circumcision! I am still on the mend but today was a great day!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi, Maxwell here! I was able to come off the ventilator last night and I still hurt from the surgery, but I am on the mend! For dinner I got Pedialite through my tube, it was not a full feed but it took the edge off. I get pain medicine when I need it and let me tell you, I do not know what hurts the most so I will just say OWWW! Mom and Dad said that the doctor fixed my throat so I will not reflux anymore, but they did warn me that my throat will hurt for awhile. Thank you for the prayers during my surgery, God is good and continues to hold me in his hands.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello to Maxwell's family and friends! The surgery went well today and Maxwell is resting comfortably. The doctor reports that he will take Maxwell off the ventilator overnight and if things go well he can take milk tomorrow. The doctor explained that feedings will be done through the tube at first to make sure that everything is healing properly and works as it is suppose to. The surgery consisted of the g-tube, the Nissin procedure to stop his reflux and the doctor also circumcised Maxwell and reported that the hernia repairs that he did about a month ago look good. Ben and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful comments, generous support and unconditional love that we have received as a family. Maxwell is such a blessing to Ben and I and we could not be more pleased with the progress that he has made. We know that is due to God answering a multitude of prayer and as parents we cannot wait to see how this journey plays out, with God's help it will be amazing!


Mom and Dad brought my Bumbo seat from home and let me try it out today. I like the tray and the toy that comes with it. I think I sit up quite nicely, but I got sleepy while I was sitting there and Dad took a video of me sleeping in my Bumbo and put it on Facebook. The nurses let me rest up for my surgery tomorrow and gave me all my milk through my tube, so it was nice to be awake when Mom and Dad came to visit. Mom asked the nurses about my weight before surgery and I weigh 10 pounds and 13 ounces. I am not nervous about tomorrow's surgery because Mom and Dad say that I will not remember it and they also said that I will feel better because the doctor is going to fix my reflux. Mom and Dad also told me that everyone, family, friends and even people they have never met are praying that things go well. Thank you for the support and Mom will write for me tomorrow.


This is Mom's favorite family picture, for now! The nurses all think that I look just like Dad so they thought that I needed a faux-hawk and a goatee. What do you think? The surgery is still on for Wednesday and while we wait Mom and Dad and I are just having fun and making memories. Thank you for your continued prayer and support.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Mom and Dad came by today after church and it was another plateau day. Mom read a few books, while Dad and I listened, OK, I slept and Dad listened. They brought my bathtub from home because the nurse told them that I had outgrown the one at the hospital. I got to take a lesuirely bath this evening and it was nice! Did you know my tub is a spa tub, it has bubbles and a fancy shower head!